How To Connect Rock space Extender with Alexa?

Amazon Alexa or simply known as Alexa is one of the best cloud-based voice service platforms available right now. It connects and responds with a very wide range of products. Rock space Extender has the ability to connect with Alexa as well. We can connect Rock space repeater with Alexa through the following steps. But to connect these products, First, we need to setup Rock space Extender-
  • Note the Wi-Fi and Password of your standard router.
  • Connect your Rock space Wi-Fi Extender to any electrical outlet in the range of your standard router.
  • Connect your device to rockspace_EXT and enter URL or Re.rockspace.local in the browser
  • Create a login password and start the setup.
  • After following steps on the website, your router and repeater are now connected successfully.

Now connect Rock space Extender and Amazon Alexa

Now connect your rock space extender device and amazon Alexa. For making this connection you need to follow some steps. Here is the simple steps are given below.
  • Plug your Wi-Fi Extender into an Electrical outlet first.
  • Now either charge or connect your Amazon Alexa to a Power outlet.
  • Download and Install the Alexa App from the Google play store or Apple app store.
  • Open the Alexa app and look for navigation panel now.
  • Press the action button for a few seconds on the Amazon Alexa until starts blinking.
  • From the list of Wi-Fi networks, select the rock space extended Wi-Fi Network.
  • Type the password for a network selected for a successful setup.
  • After connection, Rockspace Extender is connect to your Amazon Alexa.
  • Now you can control your Network using Amazon Alexa.
You can easily connect Rock space Extender and Amazon Alexa. With the help of these steps you can easily finish the connection.


Here is some instructions that are need to follow. Always fix your rocks pace extender location in the center of area. to make this you can easily access with fast network connection. Protect your extender from dust particles also. Never select the kitchen are for your device. Finally you can easily use your Alexa with rock space extender.