Setup Rockspace Extender AC750 mbps?

Setup Rock space Range Extenders take not more than 5 minutes whether you do it via WPS or Web Browser Setup. In this Blog we will learn about setting up the Rockspace Extender AC750 mbps

via wps and Web browser both. Before we start the setup process make sure your extender is plugged in to the wall near your router. The Light on the front will be solid blue which means it is ready for Setup.  Let’s start the rock space extender setup

Rockspace Extender AC750 mbps Setup

Rockspace Extender AC750 mbps Setup via WPS

Here is the steps for Rockspace Extender AC750 mbps Setup. You need to follow the all steps first.

  • It is the simplest setup that takes not more than 10 seconds, Push the WPS on the router.
  • Now push the WPS on the extender.
  • You will see a blinking light on the extender and a blinking light on the router.
  • Once the blinking light stops on the extender and the WPS light on it turns solid blue that confirms extender is setup
  • Now you can unplug it and place it within the range of the router.
  • Place the Extender away from big appliances like microwave etc for best coverage.

The Rockspace Extender AC750 mbps Setup process is complete now. You can easy to use this device.

Re.Rockspace.Local or

  • For this Setup you need a laptop or cell phone.
  • Goto the settings >wifi >wifi connection list >rockspace_EXT.
  • Once you connect your device to the Rackspace default network name i.e. rockspace_EXT then open a browser.
  • In the Browser you need to type or http//re.rockspace.local and hit enter. NOTE:- In case while rockspace extender setup re.rockspace.local doesn’t work, then try changing the browser or resetting the extender.
  • On the Setup page it will ask you to create a login password.
  • Then you need to select the WiFi network you want to extend i.e. your main WiFi network name.
  • Type the password for the same i.e. your Wifi password.
  • Once connected successfully, it will pop up a screen saying EXTENDED SUCCESSFULLY Now you can unplug it and place it within the range of the router.