How to Setup Rockspace Extender AC1200 as Access Point?

Rackspace Extender Setup as Access point is quite similar as setting it up as a range extender. The only difference is in this setup extender has to be connected directly with an Ethernet cable to the router. Moreover, it has been proven that wired connection provides better speed than a wireless connection. So, what exactly Access point means is that your extender will provide you with better speed.   Setup Rockspace Extender ac1200 as Access Point via re.rockspace.local
  • Firstly make sure you have that long ethernet cable so that it can reach the place where you will plug in your extender.
  • Now, plugin your into a wall outlet and wait till the power light turns solid.
  • Now connect the Extender with an Ethernet cable to the router.
  • Grab any of your cell phone or tablet or laptop and go to your wifi list (Wi-Fi).
  • In your Wi-Fi list, you will find rock space extender showing up by its factory default name rockspace_EXT
  • Connect your device to it and open a browser(google, safari, firefox, etc).
  Rockspace Extender Setup
  • In the URL you need to type re.rockspace.local  or http re.rockspace.local or or re rockspace local
  • All the above-given links are for the offline rockspace setup ac1200.
  • On the setup page follow the on-screen instructions and it will be setup.