How to Setup Rockspace RSD0606 Wireless N300 Repeater?

Rockspace RSD0606 Wireless N300 repeater Setup

Rockspace RSD0606 repeater provides you with wide coverage up to 1615 sqft. You can easily connect your smart tv, laptops, cell phones, smart home devices, etc in this coverage. With 300mbps it provides you with a strong signal, so buffering is just a thing of the past. With 2.4Ghz Bandwidth up to 300mbps, you can enjoy online streaming, online games and much more. Rock space N300 extender supports signals re-extender which is quite unique features in the extender segment. It is compatible with most of the routers and let’s start the Rockspace RSD0606 Wireless N300 Setup-

RSD0606 repeater setup via WPS

    • Plug in your extender in the same room as your router.
    • When the LED on the repeater is solid red that means it is ready for setup.
    • Push a WPS on your router/access point for 2 secs, you will see a blinking light on it.

Rockspace RSD0606 repeaterWPS Setup
  • Within 2 mins you have to push the WPS button on the rock space repeater which is just above the diamond-like LED.
  • Once the LED turns solid green, it means the extender is configured.
  • Now you can connect your devices to the new extended network.
  • Click here to download Rockspace RSD0606 Manual.

Setup Rock space extender Wireless N300 via re.rockspace.local

  • Rock space RSD0606 should be plugged in the same room as your router.
  • Use a laptop/cell-phone and connect to extender’s default network i.e. Rockspace_EXT.
  • Now open an updated browser (google, firefox, safari) and in the address bar/URL type http://re.rockspace.local or you can even type the rock space extender’s default IP address that is
  • It will open your repeater’s setup page, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Select the network that you would like to extend and type its key-phrase.
  • Once all the steps are done it will pop-up a message saying “Extended successfully
  • For best performance place the extender halfway between your router and the place where you need Wi-Fi connectivity.