How to update Rockspace Extender Firmware?

Every other device that we have in our homes needs regular updates to work properly. The same goes for a firmware update of rockspace extender. To get the best security and highest speed offered we recommend you do regular rockspace firmware updatefollow the below-mentioned steps. Also sometimes our device doesn’t work properly and might stop working in between or blinks abnormally for that too firmware update is effective-

Rockspace RSD606 firmware update

  1. For the latest firmware, you need to open a browser and type re.rockspace.local in address bar or URL.
  2. Search for your rockspace extender model like RSD606, RSD0608, RSD0607, etc and select the one you want to download the firmware for.
  3. Once download on your computer, unzip it.

  1. Now login into your web UI via re.rockspace.local and hit administration on the left side.
  2. You will need to browse the unzip file that you just now downloaded.
  3. Moreover, the unzipped file will be in the format firmware.bin.
  4. Hit OPEN and on the pop-up window click OK.
  5. The device will now reboot which takes almost 2 mins.
  6. Lastly, make sure you only update rockspace extender firmware from, which is official.
  7. Click here to download rockspace extender manual.