Ideal system for your place Rockspace AC 1200 dual-band mesh Wi-Fi system

The internet has taken over our lives and with the coming of technologies. To make the internet more accessible WI-FI routers were introduced, it is somehow as same as how computers but then developed or turn to laptops for the more accessible form.

Same goes for a rockspace mesh network of routers and nodes which give you access to a blanket of the internet in all the rooms with high internet speed. This Mesh system can be easily configured using Rockspace RS Wi-Fi App.

Rockspace Mesh system Setup via Rockspace RS Wi-Fi App

Rockspace Wifi Mesh system setup is made easier by its RS Wi-Fi app which makes it just a job of few clicks. You need to install it and launch it after connecting to your mesh system. Its easy UI lets you setup the entire system without any need for technical experts. Click here to download Rockspace RS Wi-Fi App for Android | iOS, let’s start the Rock space Mesh system setup

  • Plugin the ethernet cable from your modem or ISP into the WAN port on your primary rockspace mesh node.
  • You will observe green light on the top corner of the rockspace mesh unit.
  • Now note down the SSID and password written on the bottom of your primary unit.
  • Grab your cell phone and go to settings—->Wifi—->Wifi list—–>Look for rockspace_XXXX.
  • Connect your cell phone to it that network name and launch the rockspace RS app.
  • The App will automatically identify your connection type, you just have to follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Next in wireless settings page, it will ask you to create Wi-Fi name and password.
  • It will then ask you to create “how to add other mesh rockspace mesh in the kit”.
  • You just have to plugin the other two units and they will join the network automatically.
  • That’s how you configure Rockspace AC1200 Mesh system via Rockspace RS Wi-Fi App.

Rock Space whole mesh system AC1200 is not connecting?


When the AC1200 rock space mesh system is not connecting to Internet then, you need to download an app named Rockspace RS Wi-Fi App after downloading the app on your phone you need to setup SSID name and the password for your connection. After doing that you can connect to the Wi-Fi. In case you are still not able to connect with the Wi-Fi then following are some of the steps that you can follow:

  •  While setting up you need to put the Ethernet wire in the WAN port. WAN stands for wide area network. You’ll only be able to connect to the Wi-Fi if you put the cable in the WAN  port. 
  • Always setup rockspace primary Mesh first and after you are connected to the primary mesh successfully then only turn on the other two mesh units because otherwise, you won’t be able to connect.

These are some of the steps that you can follow for the troubleshooting. After doing this the chances are that you will be able to connect to the closest node. In case you are still facing issues then you can reach out to our technical support.

We can’t imagine the world without the internet. We just need to click a button to connect to the world. We all have been grateful for this amazing revolution. All we need to do to research is to get connected to the internet. Now talking about this revolution then we need to understand that this also got through various changes. When talking about Wi-Fi routers there are a lot of routers that are available in the market but somehow it is important to understand which type of Wi-Fi system would support your place. Rockspace whole mesh AC1200 is your ultimate choice.

Why Rockspace Mesh System AC1200


Now shopping for an ideal mesh network system can be very tiring but here we are presenting you the affordable and the ideal system for your place. The name of the mesh system is Rockspace AC 1200 dual-band mesh Wi-Fi system. It comes with 3 nodes out of which one is primary and the other two are the ones that connect to the primary node.  If you are wondering why this mesh Wi-Fi system from Rockspace is ideal for the home then Following are some of the points that make it ideal.

  • Physical Look: The look of the product is something that it takes all the credit and makes it more Accessible. It comes with powerful 3 routers that look like mini speakers. It has rubber feet that keep the router in place. It has an LED Indicator in the front, two Ethernet ports and one power ports under the device. This Rockspace mesh system is lightweight and easily accessible. 
  • Speed: The highest speed which this system provides is 1200Mbps which is divided into 2 parts (867Mbps+ 300Mbps). The Wi-Fi system can easily cover 6,000 sqft space and provide the area Wi-Fi connections.
  • Set up Points: Setting up this Wi-Fi Mesh system is very simple all you need to do is to set up the primary or the master node.  The other two nodes get connected to the primary notes itself so the setting up of the device is quite easy to handle. After setting up the primary node you need to download an application Rockspace RS Wi-Fi on your device and start setting it up. The set-up of the app is also very easy because you just need to follow some simple steps to get connected to the Wi-Fi. In the RS Wi-Fi App, you get various controls such as Parental Control, guest connections, a smart assistant.

All and all this is a great choice for Mesh Wi-Fi system as it is easy to set up and comes with great looks and provides high-speed internet. It is very affordable so it is pretty much a good choice to buy rock space whole mesh Wi-Fi system for your office or your home.


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