Why does my rock space wifi extender keep disconnecting ?

Rock space Wi-Fi extenders must be used for a good speed of providing a network into long distancing areas. There are many extenders available in the market but Rockspace is better than the other extender. It provides a fast network to any computer, tabs, mobile phones, and android. Rockspace provides a good quality and high speed of network into a long distancing area. But in case of others, they can not reach the exceeding limit area and not provide the good range of Wi-Fi networks. The rock space extender is much better than the other extender. This extender is used easily and its set up process and login process is very easy instead of the other Wi-Fi extenders. It’s sold by the traditional seller, online retailers, and direct purchasing to distributors. Here we are explaining about why my rockspace wifi extender keep disconnecting?

It increases the range of your Wi-Fi network. Its process is very simple. For setting up your extender you just need to connect the Ethernet cable to your system, mobile phone and any device which you want to connect to the network. Then you will connect the wire of extender with your device. Now press into the WPS button for flowing the network to another place and simply you will upload your password and IP address also to connect the network. In a few seconds connect your signal with your device. You have no need to login to the extender. To set up the Wi-Fi Extender you can follow some points. For more information you can also visit into some websites – http://re.rockspace.local

Setting up rockspace wifi extender keep disconnecting

Rockspace Wi-Fi extender is the famous extender in the market, all the users of the extender can afford good quality products, they can use this extender. Setting up of rockspace wifi extender is an easy process.
Steps of rockspace Wi-Fi extender step by step here:

  1. For setting up of the rockspace network, connect the wire of extender to the computer.
  2. On the power on your extender and Push up the button of
  3. Wait for a few minutes to turn on the power of WPS.

  1. Go into the web browser and search the IP address of your extender.
  2. When you will not find out your address, you can also use it for searching your IP address on another web browser.
  3. After searching you can follow the instructions of your extender condition accordingly.
  4. Finally you will complete your process of setting up the rockspace Wi-Fi network extender.

You can follow these steps for setting up your extender. You can also use this website for more information: re.rockspace.local. It may be helpful for other information collecting. Rockspace Wi-Fi extender setting is very easy.

Reset of the rockspace wifi extender keep disconnecting

Resetting of the Rockspace extender is very simple instead of other extenders. For resetting the extender you can turn off the power of the extender firstly. In a few seconds you turn on the power of your extender. And then the process will be the same.
Here some points to reset the rockspace Wi-Fi extender:

  1. Firstly click on the reset button of the extender and then you will be waiting for a few seconds.
  2. Wait for rebooting of the power of extender.
  3. Now you will enter the IP address of your router.
  4. After entering the IP address you will continue your process according to your device and click the reset option.
  5. You will change your password also and finally reset your Rockspace Wi-Fi extender.

For reset of your extender you will use some points. For more information you visit this website: http://re.rockspace.local. Rockspace Wi-Fi extender is well known in the market as a good network extender.


Rockspace Wi-Fi extender is the most popular network product in the market. You will use this product in the home and small office. The extender mainly uses for sharing the Wi-Fi network outside of the range criteria of the router. It fulfills your all needs. Rockspace extenders very easily set up and login instead of other extenders. It’s used by me trustly it is a good Wi-Fi signal extender. For more information about this extender you will visit this website: re.rockspace.local.